Multiplex-demultiplex object streams over object stream

To get started, install stream-mux-demux package via npm:

% npm install stream-mux-demux

After that you will be able to use stream-rpc library in your code. The basic usage example is as follows:

var muxdemux = require('stream-mux-demux');

var server = muxdemux(),
    client = muxdemux();


var sEvents = server.createStream('events'),
    cEvents = client.createStream('events');

var sRPC = server.createStream('rpc'),
    cRPC = client.createStream('rpc');

Now sEvents communicates with cEvents and sRPC — with cRPC using server-client pipeline as a transport stream.

Note that server and client streams are object streams, that means that for piping them over a network will require choosing a serialization protocol, something like stream-serializer could help there.

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