Recreate stream on ‘error’ and/or ‘end’

To get started, install stream-recreate package via npm:

% npm install stream-recreate

After that you will be able to use stream-recreate library in your code. The basic usage example is as follows:

var recreate = require('stream-recreate'),
    websocket = require('websocket-stream');

var socket = recreate(function() {
  return websocket('ws://localhost:3000');


Returned socket stream will recreate underlying websocket stream on its end and error event. Recreation algorithm uses backoff module to control the interval between.

To shutdown cleanly call socket.end().

Note that we can call socket.write() right after the creation even if underlying websocket() stream isn’t open yet — stream-recreate returns another stream which buffers writes and drains buffers on open of an underlying stream.

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